Kajima Europe is the European Headquarters of Kajima Corporation; one of the oldest and the largest construction companies in Japan.

Kajima commenced its business in Europe in the late 1970s in Berlin with the construction of the World Trade Centre building. In 1987, Kajima entered the property business in the UK and since then has expanded its businesses across Europe.

While the EU and its member governments are trying to stabilise the European Economic Zone and their own economy, we operate our businesses in the UK, France and Central Europe meeting the regional needs of European market. In the UK and France, which have mature economies, but stagnated growth, we focus our core businesses on property development, investment and PFI/PPP in response to the demand for high quality capital stock. In Central Europe, where industrial development is still advancing and there is room for infrastructure improvement, we concentrate on our construction business, offering the best and diverse solutions to a wide range of construction projects based on our expertise, supported by Kajima’s global experience (the highest quality, on time delivery and best solution proposals).

Our three key business activities, Property, PFI/PPP and Construction impart additional value to social infrastructure. Thus it is our aim to materialise a high standard quality of construction and property development which are appreciated by the users and we are determined to be good 'citizens' in the communities in which we operate.  We will continue to ensure compliance and fulfil corporate social responsibility, to consider the environment and commit to contribute to society and share the joy of achievement through cooperation with our business partners.

We hope this web page provides an insight into our vision and core values and we look forward to sharing opportunities and working together.


Hiroto Ichiki

President & CEO, Kajima Europe Limited